Are you looking to start your career in the fashion & beauty line but don’t know where to start? FASHION • BEAUTY • BUSINESS OWNER • ENTREPRENEUR Are you a business owner/entrepreneur in the fashion & beauty industry and want to enhance your offerings to your clients? FASHION • BEAUTY • BUSINESS OWNER • ENTREPRENEUR

If you’ve answered yes,
then this certification program is perfect for you!

BrandImage International Institute™ is the first institute that offers
Certification in Brand and Image Consulting.
Cetified Personal Image Consultant programme is certified by:

Is this for you,

Certified Personal Image Consultant (CPIC) provides credentials for individuals starting their career or finding a joy in the fashion or beauty industry as well as for business owners in fashion and beauty.

Corporate Trainers will also find this programme very helpful in conducting in-house sessions for their management and general employees.


  • Focuses on Image and Personal Styling


  • RM 4,800 (not inclusive of SST)

What can you do
after graduation?

Come learn from the world’s leading BrandImage Institute. Be a part of the hottest career in town and get yourself certified.






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CU 1: Your Career As An Image Consultant

• Welcome & Introduction To The Course
• Why Choose Personal Image Consultancy As Your Career
• The Path to Setting Up Your Image Consultancy Business
• What It Takes to Become a Personal Image Consultant
• The importance of First Impressions
• What Is Stereotyping

CU 2: Building Your Colour Skills

• Understanding Colour Theory, Hues and Undertone
• Colours and Its Meanings
• How To Create Outfits With Analogous Colours
• How To Create Outfits With Complementary Colours
• How To Immediately Identify Colour Contrast Levels
• Personal Colour

CU 3: Working On Your Body Type

• Understanding The 3 Vertical Proportions
• Understanding The 5 Horizontal Proportions
• Identify Your Body Shape
• Understanding Balance and Proportions
• How To Dress Your According To Their Body Type

CU 4 : Identifying Your Style Personality

• Understanding The 9 Face Shapes
• Identifying Appropriate Hairstyles
• A Look Into Earrings and Necklaces
• Defining Your Style Personality
• Creating Style Personality Boards

CU 5 : Marketing Your Services

• Polishing Your Professional Image
• Creating A Website That Sells
• Marketing Your Business Through Social Media
• Performing Group Consults, Workshops & Events

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