Step into the world of corporate brand & image consultancy. FASHION • BEAUTY • BUSINESS OWNER • ENTREPRENEUR Be able to train & consult large companies on their brand & image. FASHION • BEAUTY • BUSINESS OWNER • ENTREPRENEUR Train large crowds and help them manage perceptions FASHION • BEAUTY • BUSINESS OWNER • ENTREPRENEUR

If you’ve answered yes,
then this certification program is perfect for you!

BrandImage International Institute™ is the first institute that offers
Certification in Brand and Image Consulting.
Certified BrandImage Professional programme is certified by:

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Certified BrandImage Professional (CBIP) provides credentials for working professionals who are looking to climb the corporate ladder and/or start their own BrandImage Consultancy.


  • Focuses on Personal and Corporate Branding as well as Image and Etiquette


  • RM 13,800 + RM 500 Registration (not inclusive of SST)

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Come learn from the world’s leading BrandImage Institute. Be a part of the hottest career in town and get yourself certified.











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Programme Structure

CU 1: First Impressions & Image Management

- Understanding the importance of first impression, stereotypes, clothing and self-esteem.
- The history of image consulting industry.
- The ABCD of Image & Total Image Management.
- Polishing your professional image as an Image Consultant.

CU 2: Colour Theory & Seasonal Colour Analysis

- Learn about the fascinating history of colour theory and colour analysis.
- Define common colour terms such as temperature, value and value contrast and intensity.
- How to select the perfect colour palette for your client with an understanding seasonal colour theories.
- How to use the colour wheel and various colour schemes to add colour within outfits.

CU 3: Female Bodyline & Fashion Styling

- How to empower your clients with positive body-image, regardless of their shape, size or weight
- How to take your client’s measurements for more successful shopping
- How to analyse an individual’s body type and create balanced proportions
- How to analyse facial and body features

CU 4: Fashion Style Personalities

- Learn how to evaluate the fashion style personality of men and women
- How to find a balance between your clients’ individual tastes and your expert knowledge
- How to create your Style Personality Lookbook for clients
- How to help people develop a unique and effortless style that expresses who they are

CU 5: Principles of Lines & Designs

- How to correctly identify the various lines and designs of clothes that will balance your client’s body shape
- Understanding which fabrics, patterns, and colours will help your client to look and feel their best
- Apply principles of fit to the shape, proportion and curves of the body
- Personal styling tips to style tall, petite, and plus-size clients with confidence

CU 6: Flow Colour & Personal Colour Analysis

- Identify ways to analyse cool and warm skin, hair and eyes and practice methods of draping clients
- How to conduct an accurate and reliable personal colour analysis using the flow colour system
- The differences between hues, tones, tints and shades, and how to apply them
- Learn about colour psychology, how colour affects emotion and personality

CU 7: Professional Makeup & Hair Consultation

- Product knowledge including brushes
- Identify skin type & tone and warm vs cool palettes
- Professional Make-up Techniques and how to consult your clients on makeup
- Hair Style Assessment and how to consult your clients on the appropriate hairstyles

CU 8: Menswear Consultation

- How to identify men’s body shapes, scale, height and proportions for the male figure
- How to offer men’s personal styling and the differences involved
- How to choose the right suit, types of ties, shoes and accessories to achieve the correct proportions and balance
- Utilising our men’s styling resources such as measurement guides and forms, style personality questionnaires, wardrobe checklists, etc

CU 9: Wardrobe Audit & Personal Shopping

- The core items that should feature in every client’s wardrobe
- How to create clever wardrobe ‘capsules’ by mixing and matching
- How to ‘read’ your client’s wardrobe and understand their shopping habits
- Factors to consider when personal shopping and working with clients

CU 10: Social & Business Etiquette

- Etiquette & Protocol of handshaking, addressing titles
- How to introduce yourself and others with confidence
- Learn the art of making “small talk”
- How to remember people’s names, business card protocol

CU 11: Corporate Dress Code and Wardrobe Management

- Learn the universally accepted degrees of dress of professional attire
- How to consult men and women on the appropriate type of business apparel
- Understand what types of business attire project what messages
- A deep insight into dress code levels to determine the right wardrobe for your professional clients – from boardroom meetings to casual Fridays

CU 12: Table Manners & Dining Etiquette

- Responsibilities of the host & of the guest – Playing Your Part
- Understanding the tools of the table – knowing what goes where and why
- How to be interested and interesting – your job at the table
- How to navigate the table and what to do when things go wrong

Here’s What You’ll Get

International Colour Swatch System

Fashion Style Cards Training Set

Comprehensive Training Workbooks

Seasonal Colour Cloth Drapes

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