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BrandImage International Institute™ is the first institute that offers
Certification in Brand and Image Consulting.
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Certified BrandImage Professional (CBIP) provides credentials for working professionals who are looking to climb the corporate ladder and/or start their own BrandImage Consultancy.


  • Focuses on Personal and Corporate Branding as well as Image and Etiquette


  • 12 Days


  • RM 13,800 + RM 500

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Programme Structure

CU 1: First Impressions & Image Management

- Understanding the importance of first impression, stereotypes, clothing and self-esteem.
- The history of image consulting industry.
- The ABCD of Image & Total Image Management.
- Polishing your professional image as an Image Consultant.

CU 2: Colour Theory & Seasonal Colour Analysis

- Learn about the fascinating history of colour theory and colour analysis.
- Define common colour terms such as temperature, value and value contrast and intensity.
- How to select the perfect colour palette for your client with an understanding seasonal colour theories.
- How to use the colour wheel and various colour schemes to add colour within outfits.

CU 3: Female Bodyline & Fashion Styling

- How to empower your clients with positive body-image, regardless of their shape, size or weight
- How to take your client’s measurements for more successful shopping
- How to analyse an individual’s body type and create balanced proportions
- How to analyse facial and body features

CU 4: Fashion Style Personalities

- Learn how to evaluate the fashion style personality of men and women
- How to find a balance between your clients’ individual tastes and your expert knowledge
- How to create your Style Personality Lookbook for clients
- How to help people develop a unique and effortless style that expresses who they are

CU 5: Principles of Lines & Designs

- How to correctly identify the various lines and designs of clothes that will balance your client’s body shape
- Understanding which fabrics, patterns, and colours will help your client to look and feel their best
- Apply principles of fit to the shape, proportion and curves of the body
- Personal styling tips to style tall, petite, and plus-size clients with confidence

CU 6: Flow Colour & Personal Colour Analysis

- Identify ways to analyse cool and warm skin, hair and eyes and practice methods of draping clients
- How to conduct an accurate and reliable personal colour analysis using the flow colour system
- The differences between hues, tones, tints and shades, and how to apply them
- Learn about colour psychology, how colour affects emotion and personality

CU 7: Professional Makeup & Hair Consultation

- Product knowledge including brushes
- Identify skin type & tone and warm vs cool palettes
- Professional Make-up Techniques and how to consult your clients on makeup
- Hair Style Assessment and how to consult your clients on the appropriate hairstyles

CU 8: Menswear Consultation

- How to identify men’s body shapes, scale, height and proportions for the male figure
- How to offer men’s personal styling and the differences involved
- How to choose the right suit, types of ties, shoes and accessories to achieve the correct proportions and balance
- Utilising our men’s styling resources such as measurement guides and forms, style personality questionnaires, wardrobe checklists, etc

CU 9: Wardrobe Audit & Personal Shopping

- The core items that should feature in every client’s wardrobe
- How to create clever wardrobe ‘capsules’ by mixing and matching
- How to ‘read’ your client’s wardrobe and understand their shopping habits
- Factors to consider when personal shopping and working with clients

CU 10: Social & Business Etiquette

- Etiquette & Protocol of handshaking, addressing titles
- How to introduce yourself and others with confidence
- Learn the art of making “small talk”
- How to remember people’s names, business card protocol

CU 11: Corporate Dress Code and Wardrobe Management

- Learn the universally accepted degrees of dress of professional attire
- How to consult men and women on the appropriate type of business apparel
- Understand what types of business attire project what messages
- A deep insight into dress code levels to determine the right wardrobe for your professional clients – from boardroom meetings to casual Fridays

CU 12: Table Manners & Dining Etiquette

- Responsibilities of the host & of the guest – Playing Your Part
- Understanding the tools of the table – knowing what goes where and why
- How to be interested and interesting – your job at the table
- How to navigate the table and what to do when things go wrong

Here’s What You’ll Get

Training Workbook

Colour Swatch

Make-up Set

Colour Cloth

Style Card


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