How We Can Help You Continue To
Grow After Graduation

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because we can help you continue to grow after graduation through our Career Support Initiative (CSI) programme.

Lifetime Mentoring

You will be continuously mentored by our Principal Consultant even after you have graduated.

On-The-Job Learning (Practical)

You can follow our consultants for training observations and learning opportunities.

Refresher Trainings

We have numerous refresher trainers to keep you updated with the latest BrandImage skills.

Gathering With All Protégés

Come back, participate, share and network with all our Proteges and make new friends!

Speaking Engagement Opportunities

Once you are ready, you can work with us and build up your career!

Fashion Events

Students can join fashion events and make new friends.

Our Protégés In Action

This could be you! Lifelong learning on Career Enhancement in Excitement.


Among our Career Support Initiatives for our Protégés'


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