Become a Certified Image Consultant (CIC)

and tap into a multi-million dollar industry!

As a profession, brand and image consulting is one of the fastest growing industry that offers unlimited opportunities. And having the knowledge and certification as a BrandImage Consultant will give you the extra boost to propel your business and career to greater success!

For example:

  • If you are a boutique owner, you will be able to assess body silhouettes and create the perfect wardrobe for your client.
  • If you are a hairstylist, having a certificate as a BrandImage Consultant enables you to provide a holistic advice to your clients
  • If you are a fresh graduate, what other ways is there to jumpstart your career?
  • If you are graduated, you can enhance your personal & grooming skills for career advancement.

You don’t need years of experience to succeed. All you need is the desire and the right training with BrandImage International Institute (BII).  BII’s intense training will take your passion and turn it into a rewarding profession! Our trainings will help you to:

  • Empower you with valuable skills and knowledge
  • Enhance your business success.
  • Move way ahead of competition
  • Enhance your professionalism
  • Help men and women feel good about themselves
  • Broaden your career scope


And make you stand out from the crowd!

Many of BII’s protégés have been able to fast track their businesses and so can YOU!

Beautiful young woman shopping in a clothing store

Don’t settle for anything less,

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Follow your dreams. Invest in your future. Change your life.


BrandImage Institute (BII) is the first institute to offer a comprehensive course in Image Management. In offering this comprehensive certification course, BrandImage Institute (BII) grooms individuals into highly respected professionals whose advice is sought after across industries.

The Course – Certified Image Consultant (CIC)

  • Core Unit 1: CIC 1001 – Introduction
  • 1. Introduction to Image
  •    -Understanding stereotypes and identify the elements of a personal image
  • 2. What it takes to be an Image Consultant
  •    -Developing the correct mindset
  • Core Unit 2: CIC 2002 –  Colours & Coordination
  • 1. How to recognize and evaluate an individual’s personal coloring
  •     -Personal colour evaluation
  • 2. Colour theory
  •     -Understand the functions of colours
  • 3. Colour coordination
  •     -Coordinate and combine wardrobe colours harmoniously
  • Core Unit 3: CIC 2003 –  Shapes & Silhouettes
  • 1. Face Shape Assessment
  •    – How to assess facial features and its effects on Hairstyles and Make-up
  • 2. Body Shape for Attractive Appearance
  •    – How to assess body types and body proportions to appropriately dress men and women
  • Core Unit 4: CIC 2004 – Fashion & Style
  • 1. Wardrobe strategies-I – Principles of Lines & Designs
  •    – How to select the appropriate wardrobe for both men and women
  • 2. Wardrobe strategies-II – Elements of Shapes, Colours, Texture and Pattern
  •    – How to conduct personal style evaluations for professionals to stay-at-home individuals
  • 3. Create A Wardrobe Look Book
  •    – How to analyze men’s and women’s fashion styles and develop a client’s signature style.
  • Core Unit 5: CIC 2005 – Make-Up &Hair
  • 1. Professional Make-up Techniques
  •    – The principles behind makeup application and how to consult your clients on makeup
  • 2. Hair Style Assessment
  •    – How to consult your clients on the appropriate hairstyles.