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So — What is

BrandImage International Institute™?

BrandImage International Institute™ is the first institute that offers Certification in Brand and Image Consulting, fully endorsed by a university.

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Here’s The Programme That We Offer


Certified BrandImage Professional (CBIP)

  • – Duration : 3 Months
  • – or Full time basis  (1 Month – intensive)
  • – Practical Learning with Assignments & Tests
  • – Certified by Open University Malaysia
  • – Flexible Intake Scehdule
  • – Classes Based in Shah Alam, Selangor
  • – Mentored by Wendy ‘Principal BrandImage Consultant
  • – Overview of Courses Modules
    • Level 1: Image, First Impressions & Colours;
    • Level 2: Body Analysis, Lines & Designs and Clothing Recommendations;
    • Level 3: Colour Analysis, Fashion Styles & Wardrobe Strategies;
    • Level 4: Hair & Makeup Consultation;
    • Level 5: Social and Business Etiquette and The Art of Networking;
    • Level 6: Business Building and Train-The-Trainer Modules.

Here’s What You Will Learn

Here’s What You’ll Get

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Here’s What You Can Become After Graduation

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Personal BrandImage

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Fashion Consultant

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Corporate BrandImage

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Personal Shopper &
Fashion Stylist

mySkills Certification
(Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran Malaysia)

Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (Level 4)

Diploma in Image Consulting

British London Certification (British Awarding Association)
Office of Qualifications and Examinations
Regulation – Ofqual

BII – Diploma in Certfied BrandImage Professional

BII – Certified Image Consultant

University Certification

Certified BrandImage Professional

Certified Image Consultant

Malaysian Association Of Brand And Image Consultants

Certified BrandImage Professional

Certified Image Consultant

How We Can Help You Continue To Grow After Graduation

Lifetime Mentoring

You will be continuously mentored by our Principal Consultant even after you have graduated.

On-The-Job Learning (Practical)

You can follow our consultants for training observations and learning opportunities.

Refresher Trainings

We have numerous refresher trainers to keep you updated with the latest BrandImage skills.

Gathering With All Protégés

Come back, participate, share and network with all our Proteges and make new friends!

Speaking Engagement Opportunities

Once you are ready, you can work with us and build up your career!

Fashion Events

Students can join fashion events and make new friends.

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About Wendy Lee

Principal of BrandImage International Institute™

Wendy’s mission is to help you define and refine your greatest potential use your brand and image through your appearance, behaviour and communication. She is currently:

  • -Adjunct Professor of Binary University
  • -President of Malaysian Association of Brand & Image Consultant
  • -Director of Chapter One Asia Image Consulting
  • -Principal Consultant of BrandImage International Institute™
  • -Member of The Association of Image Consultants International
  • -Member of The Federation of Image Consultants (TFIC)
  • -Member of The Association of Colourflair Consultants (MACC)
  • -Chief BrandImage Consultant of China Sichuan Chengdu Wuhou New Economy Business Association

Wendy and her team of consultants has also set up MABIC (The Malaysia Association of Brand and Image Consultants), a non-profit organisation aimed at dedicated to advancing the level of professionalism of consultants and trainers.

Our Protégés

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EPF Withdrawals Are Available for Course Application!


The Place That You Will Be Having Your Classes

When Can I Start?

The enrollment will begin on every first week of the month.

Once you enrolled, we will notify our students in advance on the actual dates for our upcoming class.

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